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New Medical Technology
Advanced Portable Device of Bioresonance Electromagnetic Therapy for a General Practitioner, a Physiotherapist and Reflexotherapist.

INFITA is a physiotherapy-room-in one device unit. It is guaranteed for 5 years. A portable physiotherapy device of pulse low-frequency (PLF) resonance therapy INFITA is offered which generates a New Physiotherapeutic.

Factor – pulse low-frequency electromagnetic field (PLEMF) of non-thermal intensity, consisting in a therapeutic area a quasistationary electrostatic field which is biotropic to a human organizm.

At customer`s will it has eighteen (optional) attachments and thirteen methodical recommendations (know-how) as complete units. The INFITA device was first clinically approved in 1978-80 in aerospase and sports medicine. In 1987 it came into use in central clinics of Russia.

PLEMF pathogenicity is due to regulating effect on neuro – and hemodynamics, microcirculation and is based on biomedical window-frequency resonance effects of weak electromagnetic fields to which a human organism has extremely high individual sensitivity.

Medical effect of the device is produced by non-contact application through opticothalamo- and hypothalamo-hypophysical system due to regulation of subcortical-cortical bioelectric processes, neuromediator metabolism, endorfine and immune system, hormonal activity of endocrine glands, neuro- and general hemodynamics improvement, causing normalization of microcirculation in tissues, general and peripheric circulation, blood rheology, anti-inflammatory effect, desensitization, immunity stabilization. The device produces mild sedative effect.

Under contact influence, Date Control is provided causing analgetic effect and break in the Pain-Inflammation-Pain vicious circle (inflammation arresting occurs).

The main results of the investigation into PLEMF effect on human organism were published in main journals and reported at world congresses in Russia, Germany (1991 - 1994), Israel (1992 - 1994), Japan and Slovenia (1993 - 1944), Denmark (1994 - 1995) and Belgium (1991 - 1994), France (1995), USA (1996 - 1998).

The INFITA device, complete with the attachments and outside electrodes, potentiates drug effect and allows to reduce the dose, improves brain activity and bioenergetics!

It is applied to treat cardio-vascular diseases, locomotor system, in pulmanoeogy, gastroenterology, dermatology, otolaryngology, gynecology, urology, neurology, stomato-logy, ophthalmology, narcology, psychiatry, gerontology, domestic and sporting medicine, pediatrics.

The INFITA device has the following main characteristics: frequency range is 20-80 Hz, therapy area is 0.5-30 cm, its PLEMF intensity is 0.002-7 V/cm, discrete time is 1-9 min, power supply is 220 V, mass is 3 kg.

The INFITA device is authorized for application and recommended for serial production by the USSR Health Ministry order No.576 as of Iuly 20, 1987. The INFITA device and its versions were awarded gold, silver and bronze medals in 1993-1998 at International Research and Industrial Innovation Exhibitions in Brussels and Jeneva.

The OFTEMAGS (nos 1, 2, 3)

The OFTEMAGS attachment set (nos 1, 2, 3)
- stage II hypertension relatively resistent to medicine
- retina dystrophia
- myopathy of all stages
- hypertension diabetic angioretinopahy
- eyegrounds microcirculation disorder
- cornea diseases, herpetic keratitis and ulcer of the cornea
- eye muscle strengthening and removal of overstrain for computer operators.
The OFTEMAGS attachments provide local effect on eye area by means of PLEMF intensity 0.01-0.02 V/cm combined with definitely-oriented constant magnetic field of intensity 2-5 mT or local effect by PLEMF proper.

The Outside plates

Outside plates Outside plates:
- arthroses, poliosteoarthroses
- trophoneuroses of hands and feet
- injury of periarthric tissues
- osteochondrosis of the spine.

The outside plates produce local effect on pathology area by means of PLEMF of intensity 1-7 V/cm.

The Combined Plates

Combined Plates:
- parandontitis
- deforming poliosteoarthrosis
- polyneuropathy
- hyperstesia.

The combined plates provide effect by means of PLEMF with an intensity 1-2 V cm, in combination with constant magnetic field of an intensity 2-5 mT.

Advantage over outside plates: deeper penetration, oversummational effect, more intensive effect.


The INFITA-T attachment:
- chronical disorder of cerebral circulation
- dementia, post-insult tetraparesis
- parkinsonism with the tremor, hypodynamia, sleep disorder, stiffness of face muscles
- evident cerebral artherosclerosis with stage II hypertension
- epilepsy, encephalopathy, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
- cardial ischemia, tachyrhythmia, memory and sleep disorder
- psychiatry, borderline state, stress and fear diffusion
- neurodermatitis, allergy, nettle rash, psoriasis, eczema
- climaterium, preclimaterium state, perineum pruritus
- infertility, amenorrhea, menstruation disorder
- migraine, Meniere`s disease
- eye diseases of elderly people and children
- high tolerance to magnetic disturbances.

The INFITA-T attachment generates discrete mild mode: effect-pause-effect which is more efficient for elderly people and children having different pathology. The INFITA-T attachment raises efficiency of application of all the attachments to the INFITA device according to their indications.

Reflexotherapeutic Electrode

General indications for reflexotherapy, including:
- trophic ulcer of the crus
- skin-allergic diseases (psoriasis etc.)
- spinal osteochondrosis, arthrosis, ischialgia
- pain syndromes.

The electrode produces its effect by means of PLEMF on biologically active points. The intensity of the field in the therapeutic area is 0.1-1 V cm and is regulated by rotating the tip of the electrode. Noninvasive irradiation of the vascular channel (the cubital artery etc.) to improve rheology.


The LOR ELEMAGS attachment:
- cochlear neuritis (acute, subacute, chronical)
- neurosensoric component of hypoacusis with otitis media acuta.

The ELEMAGS ATTACHMENT produces local effect on the ear by means of definitely-oriented constant magnetic field of an intensity 5-10 mT combined with PLEMF of an intensity 0.05-0.1 V/cm.It is particularly efficient in pediatrics.

The Array Antenna

It is efficient in specially-trained detachments, big-time sports, aerospace medicine.

Recovery and improvement of working capacity of people who are physically and mentally overstrained, diffusion of stress and fear

Prevention of disorder of functional state of the central nervous system, especially prior to physical and emotional overstrain

Sleep disorder, erethism, emotional instability and psychic trauma.

The array antenna produces remote effect by means of PLEMF with an intensity 2-4 mV/cm on the opticovegetative system of the patients in the amount of 2-5 persons.


- chronical sluggish inflammations with dominating proliferation
- pleuropneumonia
- torpid advanced-staged deforming poliosteoartrosis
- reumatic artritis of stage III and IV resistant to monolaser and drug therapy.

These adapters produce local effect on the pathologic area by means of laser irradiation combined with PLEMF of an intensity 1-7 V/cm. Tissues vascularization is enhanced, tissue optical density is reduced, by doing so laser irradiation penetration is deeper, its effect prolongs and potentiates.

The Rectal-Vaginal electrodes set (№ 1, BP)

Rectal-Vaginal electrodes set (№ 1, BP):
- chronical adhesive prostatitis, impotence
- inflammations and commissures of uterine appendages with and without menstruation disorder, bartolinitis
- commissures in the small pelvis
- secondary sterility
- cystitis and cystalgia
- premenstruation pains
- hemorrhoids, periproctitis, rectosigmoiditis.

The first recto-vaginal electrode produces effect on the pathology area by means of PLEMF of the intensity 0,5-3 V/cm . The second recto- vaginal electrode BP produces effect by means of rotating scanning PLEMF.


The INFITA-BP attachment:
- hormone-dependent bronchial asthma (the OFTEMAGS-BP attachment)
- transient disorder of cerebrospinal circulation
- Bekhterev`s disease, lumbosacral radiculalgia, radiculoischemic neuritis
- lowering of blood viscosity,rheology improvement
- feet vascular atherosclerosis in the stage of ischemia, varicosity, trophic ulcer of the crus
- polyarthritis (reumatoid podagric, at 2-3 stages of activity of the joints)
- arthrosis with venous drainage disorder and with pain at night
- patients rehabilitation after operations on the spine, vessels of feet and hands
- ophthalmologic diseas, edema of the eye retina, hemophthalmia, thrombosis of the temporal artery (the OFTEMAGS-BP attachment)
- cystitis, cystalgia, subacute prostatitis, subacute adnexitis, salpingo-oophoritis, premenstruation pain syndrome (the rectal-vaginal BP electrode)
- rehabilitation of patients gynecologically
- operated on, commissure and infiltrate prevention (the rectal-vaginal BP attachment)
- pain and abstination pain arresting.

The INFITA-BP attachment in combination with the INFITA device generates a running PLEMF in the therapy area. The INFITA-BP attachment makes up a set with three cuffs applied on the pathology area; to a special order it makes up a set with the OFTEMAGS-BP attachment and the rectal-vaginal BP electrode.


A direct feedback biocontrolled attachment is designed to treat weakened patients and those having vividly marked vegetative lability (asthenia syndrome):
- gastric ulcer, gastritis, esophagitis, diskinesia of biliary tract
- diabetes mellitus
- trophic ulcers, trophoneuroses of hands and feet
- drug allergy, allergic rhinitis, pollinoses
- psoriasis
- regulation of neuroendocrinal functions (hormonal background and immunity).

The INFITA BIO attachment visually stabilizes respiration and pulse rhythm. In combination with the INFITA device and external electrodes, it produces more physiological, systole and respiratio-synchronized effect (i.e. chronophysiotherapeutic effect), that is responsible for bio regulation of intensity reaction, which enhances the PLEMF efficiency and optimizes therapeutic effect.

The INFITA-BIO attachment makes up a set with a respiration sensor placed on flexible outputs within 1cm to the pattient`s nostrils and a systole sensor fixed on a finger.


A physiotherapeutic attachment INFITA is an electromagnetic physiotherapeutic device designed to be used in combination with the basic INFITA device which makes it possible to apply both the therapeutic effects of two types (LIGHT- low-frequency electromagnetic field (PLEMF) in time and space and monotherapy, that widens the possibility of using the basic INFITA device in medical institutions, cosmetic centers and features two operating modes.

Discrete mode.
A discrete pulse low-frequency electromagnetic field (PLEMF) of non-thermal intensity is medical factor in this mode. Discrete mode produces more active biological effect, makes it possible to apply adequate therapy, optimal for seriously ill weakened patients, as well as for young patients with unstable nervous system, vivid vegetative instability and elderly patients to raise the possibility to widely use the INFITA device (see indications for application of the INFITA-T attachment).

Light therapy mode

Green light which is a natural tranquilizer is used for calming effect. It stabilizes arterial pressure, heart rate and sweating.

Orange light stimulates function of the thyroid gland and growth of bones.

Red light stimulates growth of arterial pressure and is used to treat hypotension and impotence. It is used to improve athletic characteristics.

  • White light regulates secretion of melatonin and serotonin and is applied for recovery of night sleep disorders in case of depression, to treat patients suffering from parkinsonism, narcolepsy.

White light regulates circadian rhythm, produces antidepressing effect.

Psychophysiological effect of white light (visible radiation) is produced partly through eye retina partly it penetrates deeper, producing direct effect on nervous conductors of the optic nerve and nuclei of the thalamus. It provides the possibility to activate cortical processes and vegetative centres of the cerebral trunk. Inedicative effect is regulation of psychoemotional overstrain, overwork, neurosis, sleep disorder.

Combined effect of the physical factors LIGHT and PLEMF optimizes physiotherapeutic action, produces subsummation effect, stimulates the INFITA therapeutic efficiency.


The INFITA-COMBI physiotherapeutic attachment is an electromagnetic physiotherapeuic device designed to be used in combination with the basic INFITA device for application in medical institutions, big-time sport, medicine of catastrophes and extraordinary situations, specially trained detachments and features three operating modes.

Discrete mode.
With this mode used, a medicative factor is a discrete pulse low-frequency electromagnetic field (PLEMF) of non-thermal intensity. Discrete mode is biotropic, makes it possible to apply optimal therapy for seriously ill weak elderly patients with labile vegetative nervous system, to enhance the possibility of wide application of the INFITA device.

Indications are similar to those for the INFITA-T attachment.

Biocontrol mode
With biological feedback, monitoring psychoemotional physical state of the patient by means of respiration and pulse sensors.

When the device operates in this mode, a therapeutic factor is a modulated low-frequency electromagnetic field synchronized with heart rate and respiration rhythm of the patient`s organism. It is more physiological, makes the treatment period shorter.

Indications are similar to those for the INFITA-BIO attachment.

Scanning mode.
When the device operates in this mode, a therapeutic factor is a moving in space (travelling, scanning) pulse electromagnetic field. This field is patient-biotropic and does not result in the patient`s being habituated to the given factor, defining high efficiency of therapy. The electromagnetic field does the so called " soft massage " due to the scanning character of this field, which provides improvement of both tissue trophism and blood rheology, producing spasmolytic analgetic, anti-inflammatory antiedemic, antiallergic effects, which makes it possible to take out toxical products of pathologic inflammatory process more rapidly and reduce drug therapy dosage.

Indications are similar to those for the INFITA-BP attachment.

The INFITA coptele set price list



The INFITA basic apparatus


The UZOR laser adapter


The IZEL laser adapter


A reflexotherapeutic electrode


A rectal-vaginal electrode


A set of combined plates


A set of plates


The ELEMAGS adapter


The OFTEMAGS ophthalmologic adapter


An adapter for discrete INFITA therapy


An adapter for synchronized INFITA therapy


A multi-element antenna








Training INFITA-EHF-LASER-MAGNETO therapy methods is performed on the basis of multiprofile clinical hospital №.83. The head of the course and instructor is corresponding member of Russian Academy of Science, World Academy of Information Processes and Technology, American Society of Neuroscience (USA), World Society of Insult Problems (Japan), European Electromagnetologists Association (France), candidate of medical science Gavriil Surenovich Markarov.

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